• I have been taking my bikes to Jason and Rob for years. They are both very knowledgeable, friendly, and clear about what needs to be repaired, what can wait, what the options are, and the turnaround for getting it done. Since Back Alley is not a corporate affiliate with the goal to sell sell sell, there is no "don't you want to replace this old thing?" conversation. I want to take care of my bike; they want to take care of my bike. We have the same goal before I walk in the door. And they always do a great job. My kind of place.

    Margaret Fields, Google Reviews

  • If you are looking for a solid, trustworthy bike shop in CH/Carrboro relax- you just found it.I could not be more satisfied with the work Jason and Rob do. If it has one, two, or three wheels I bet they can fix it. Whether you ride road, CX, MTB, Cruise, BMX, or even Bike Polo I'm sure they can take care of you.Great local shop with excellent knowledge of the bikes, and exceptional customer service.

    Bill Langston, Google Reviews

  • I can't even begin to explain how appreciative I am of this shop. Front bike wheel was stolen off my bike by some rando. Ended up coming into Back Alley and they were able to make a wheel recommendation that matches my stock wheel flawlessly. Picked up my bike a few days later to find BOTH brake sets had been tightened up, my chain was lubed and rear derailleur had been adjusted (all no additional charge to me). They even did the little things like replace one of my handle bar caps that came out and aligned the tire sticker over the valvestem. I'm a very discerning customer and easy critic. I was very impressed how this shop handled my ordeal and won't go to another bike shop in the future.

    Scott Lewis, Google Reviews